Our History

la guaguita
Nuestro Comienzo! La Guaguita 7/27/2009

Dear Viejita Bella, our fondest childhood memory was spending time with you in the kitchen cooking and Dad being the first to taste whatever you cooked. Your food and loving funny personality brought our family and friends together all the time. You passed on all your recipes to us and this is our way of keeping your legacy alive.

You always said, “if you cook from the heart and don’t cut any corners, you will always be alright”. Your love, teachings, and words of wisdom will never be forgotten. We honor you by opening this restaurant and we will continue to cook with love as you always did.


To captivate our guests by offering dishes in a familiar and cultural atmosphere which allows you to experience the traditions of Puerto Rico. That every dish we prepare at Rice n Beans represents our cultural cuisine and humble professional service. We aim to enchant, focusing on quality and most importantly our patrons.


Since the launch of my first Food Truck, La guaguita, I’ve always envisioned mom’s cuisine in a restaurant atmosphere. Even though La guaguita brought me much joy and closeness to my community, I’ve always felt the need to represent our Puerto Rican cuisine on a scale such as ours. This mindset and determination lead me to open my first restaurant in Florida. In 2016 I acquired a small humble location in Lutz, FL and opened my doors to the public.

Rice n Beans was born. The response from the community and afar was a true blessing and at times surprisingly overwhelming and difficult but extremely gratifying. Thanks to my amazing team and awesome patrons, Rice n Beans has become something much bigger than I ever could have imagined.  Our vision will continue to evolve and grow to where we’ll see Rice n Beans In all major cities of Florida. Where we’ll continue spreading the love of family and the joy of eating.